Canadian Domain Registration

The Canadian  Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is a non-profit Association that keeps track of the domain names that have the .ca extension. This organization has numerous Registrars who assist applicants with their Canadian domain registration, renewals, transfers and so on. The domain names are the ending part of a website address. You will be able to have a variety of extensions like .com, .edu, .net, .org, .gov, and so on. These are generally known as the top-level domains (TLD).

Numerous persons are desirous of getting a .ca extension as Canadian  domains are said to be world renowned and extremely trustworthy. Once you get extension for your domain, then by default your domain is governed by strict Canadian  Rules.

There are many who not only assist with obtaining you a Canadian domain registration, but also provide web hosting assistance. So look for somebody who will be able to do both, saving you valuable time. Keep in mind to make sure that they’re reliable and have after registration services so that they are going to be able trouble shoot in case any issue occurs.

In case you want a .ca extension you either must be a Canadian  resident or your organization has to have a presence somewhere in Canada or be the owner of a Canadian  trademark.

If you want to do a Canadian domain registration, you can choose GoDaddy or Namecheap. They are very popular, most reliable and trusted domain registrar. Or if you looking for a very cheap Canadian domain names, you can find it on Netfirms.