A Canadian  Living in the US Can Register a Dot-CA Domain Name

Register Canadian Domain

Someone approached me with a basic question: “I was born in Canada but I live inside the US. Can I register a dot-Ca domain name?” He was thrown by the “Canadian  presence requirement” that he kept coming across in his Google searches. I had the similar issue until I stumbled across the horse’s mouth, so to speak, the Canadian  Internet Registration Authority. That’s CIRA.ca.

Under the registration restrictions section it clearly states that to be a Canadian  Resident satisfies the Canadian  presence requirement if you’re “A Canadian  resident of the age of majority under the laws and regulations of the province or territory in Canada in which he or she resides or final resided.”

I made a decision the only method to be certain was to contact the aforementioned Canadian  Registration Authority directly. I did so by email and got a response within several hours that said in quite clear terms that a Canadian  citizen residing outside of Canada will be able to register Canadian domain. The email went on to state nevertheless, that you may be asked to prove it with a copy of your birth certificate.

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